About Pinhole Photography

Shortly what is Pinhole Photography?

A pinhole camera is basically a lensless camera. It uses instead a very small, round hole, the pinhole. Any light-tight material can be turned into a pinhole camera by placing a light sensitive film or paper opposite to the pinhole. Exposure time is longer than the digital cameras. It takes 1 second to several hours. Pictures have almost indefinite depth of filed.

The image-making ability of a very small hole has been known for a long time. It’s told that hundreds of thousands years ago, people were observing images on the cave walls reflected through a tiny hole. Later, ancient Chinese and Greek observe sun by camera obscure (dark-room) and during the Renaissance artists used it for their drawings.

My experience with Pinhole Photography:

I have been making and working with pinhole cameras since 2011. I have built them in different forms, from beer can, candy box, shoe box, match box cardboard multi apertures of varying dimensions. The pinhole photography is an ongoing process and adventure, it opens different perceptions to new possibilities of seeing and understanding the environment we are surrounded by. I’m very much interested in discovering new visualities and fascinated by the unpredictability of pinhole photography as it allows us to shoot what we feel, more than what we see.